To Request a reservation



  • Fees are due at the time of the rental. Payment may be made with cash, Venmo (@richard-lissemore), or Zelle (

  • Personal checks are no longer accepted. Our apologies for any inconvenience this might cause.

  • Cash payments should be made with exact change.

  • At the time of the rental an invoice is to be completed. One copy of the invoice is to be placed in an envelope with cash or note of Venmo/Zelle payment. The envelope is then to be placed in the mail slot of the office door. The yellow copy of the invoice is for your records.

  • Rentals canceled with less than 24 hours notice must be paid for.​​


The studio front door has a door code. There are 5 Roman numerals to choose from and the code will have 3 numerals. Once your first reservation has been confirmed, the door code will be sent to you. Punch each number individually and turn the latch to the right. Hold the latch in position while you use your other hand to open the door. If an error occurs, turn the latch to the left to clear it and start again.

The outside, street door also has a lock that is different from the interior door, though the code to enter is the same. The lock has 5 vertical black buttons. The top button is 1 and the bottom button is 5. ​

Future Reservations

All future reservations and communications are handled via text message to 917.969.0506.

While in The Studio

  • Please be sure that the double sound-proof doors are closed at all times.

  • If it is warm in the studio, please use the air conditioner or the fan of the air conditioner.

  • Studio windows are never to be opened.

  • When you exit the studios, please turn off all lights and the air conditioner (if you had it on). Close the piano and leave the double sound-proof doors OPEN for the next client.

  • Please DO NOT OPEN THE TOP of the Kawai grand piano. It will release too much sound for other renters and the neighbors, and it will allow dust to fall on the sound board.

  • Please DO NOT pull the curtains closed as their brackets are rather delicately attached to the aging walls. For privacy during night-time hours, please close the blinds.

  • To exit the main door of the studios, turn the latch of the upper lock (this is the lock you used to gain entrance) on the door TO THE LEFT. Hold the the latch open while you turn the door knob. The door will lock behind you. If you have any concerns, contact us immediately at 917.969.0506.

Rental times and Transitions

We have a one-hour minimum rental policy. There are no 30- or 45-minute rentals. But you may rent for 30-minute increments after the one-hour minimum has been satisfied (i.e., 1.5 hrs, 2.5 hrs, etc...). Your rental time may begin on the hour or on the half-hour only (i.e., NOT at 11:15). It is expected that the studio will be vacated in a timely manner to accommodate the next client. 

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